Passerines -

Female Goldfinch in the rain.

August 28, 2011: Tropical storm Irene had made it all the way up to Maine. So here I was sitting in my easy chair again, with the window open, photographing these little birds that were out in the pouring rain. Photographing these super-active little guys always comes down to milliseconds, luck and a game of numbers. Milliseconds because in the time it takes for your brain to send the message to your shutter release finger and for the shutter to open the bird is likely to have turned its head or “flitted” off to a spot close by. Luck because when you get a shot like this you are most often surprised because it was not the position the head was in when you squeezed the button off. And a numbers game just because of the first two reasons.

You just have to shoot and shoot and shoot. There is no way around all of this....not with these tiny birds. Each session is quite time-consuming so you better be loving it. After taking several hundred images you get 1-5 good images and maybe just one real good one. This is one of the best 2-3 images of that day with Irene.