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Black-capped Chickadee on Old Gray Birch

Black-capped Chickadee in the Old Gray Birch: The BCC is a precocious bird. Sometimes I walk by my feeder and suddenly realize my head passed within inches of the bird. The BCC seems to always be thinking "Hey, I'm hungry; why are you taking so long to fill my feeder this morning!" Or there are times I think it is excited when it chatters at my arrival with the feed, as it waits in the Gray Birch in dawn light. And it is not shy about scolding me if it feels I am too close at any time. Here it clasps the stem of a Gray Birch my father planted over 50 years ago. To read a short essay on how this Gray Birch's life was greatly increased and nature still took its course , please click on "return to blog" (in the left side-bar) and see "The Old Gray Birch....".page.