Passerines -

They're Back!

Here are two birds from the group of Goldfinches that appeared at this feeder today, May 11, 2013, after having been gone since Fall 2011. Two days ago on May 9, hoping to draw in the Goldfinches again, I re-erected this feeder on its tall post.

In 2011, when I photographed them they were not nearly as conditioned to my presence. Back then, it took weeks of shooting images of them before they were somewhat easy seeing me and there is no way they would have stayed as you see here, with my full frame in the window.

But here in 2013, after taking just several quick shots to document their return, I slowly approached the window while continuing to shoot. On this last shot my full frame was standing right in front of them and just 5 feet away. I was elated that they did not fly. They are familiar with this feeder at this location. And I know that a few of the returning birds were actually hatched right in this area and spent their first few months of life frequenting this feeder.

Oh yuh!