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I'm certain all of you have wanted to know what alligator droppings look like. Right? Well, here they are. Strange stuff huh? It took me a while to figure out what this stuff was. I was hanging around an area that was full of gators. And that was what started me off on suspecting what this stuff was. Ok, I admit now that when you look at the shape it is kind of like "Duh!". But why does it appear to have the consistency of fine, mason's mortar?

Crocodilians chew nothing (they can't); they swallow whole prey or hunks of their often-large prey, which they previously may have "stored" under a river's cut bank in order to "soften it up" so that hunks can be broken or twisted off for swallowing.

The most interesting facet of this ingestion-to-excretion process, is that crodilians swallow bones and all! That's right; so as you look at the image of this excrement, remember, bones are not chewed; they are swallowed whole. And everything is reduced to this. It's all (and much, much more) in my upcoming book on the Everglades. I'm real busy but the book is "quite done" (although I suspect a book is one of those things that one never really completes) and I am getting closer to posting it as an e-book (I believe).

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