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Here is a wild American alligator in an Everglades slough (pronounced "sloo") abutting a Sawgrass strand in the top of the frame.

Sawgrass is the principle habitat type in the Everglades freshwater marsh. Aptly named, and due to the jagged edges of its stem, sawgrass will literally cut you to the bone if by mistake, you happen to drag a strand of it through your hand while gripping it even moderately tightly.

Sloughs might be thought of as the rivers or arteries of the marsh. The slough is the deepest habitat type. The water depth under this alligator is probably around 2-3 feet. But the bottom is very, very mucky and largely in solution. I was standing in an airboat when this picture was taken. If I stepped out of the boat and into the sawgrass I would probably go down to about mid-thigh and abruptly hit a moderately firm bottom. Not so with the slough. There is no telling how deep I would go if I jumped into it.......but possibly right up to my chest and maybe even my neck.