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Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake(EDR) (young - 17 inches)(Crotalus spp).

Found this little guy crossing the sandy road in front of my residence on JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area.

I very carefully and gently gathered him up, gently placed him on a stump in my backyard and you are looking at the result. And you guessed it......they are born with the fangs, poison sacs and the ability to ruin your day and put a kink in your next 6 moths.

Interestingly, this little one did not get defensive with me. EDR's are known for their short temper but they are not aggressive, no matter what any redneck tells you.

BUT....... if encountered and pressed even the slightest, it will always quickly turn, coil, stubbornly stand its ground. And if you just get within range it will strike with blistering speed and accuracy.

But maybe such behavior only happens with maturity, because this little one was completely indifferent toward me. I released it back into the palmettos where it was headed.