Nuisance Species -

Common Loon mother with one of her two chicks (at 50 days of age). Loon chicks are ready to fly from their natal lake at about 90 days of age.

174 Lexington Avenue, Portland, Maine.

BTW, All of these Asiatic Bittersweet images I have taken on various properties are solely for civil, environmental and educational purposes and are not offered for any profit at all.

This is an example of a complete “take-over”. The plant that is underneath this “dome” of Asiatic Bittersweet and that it used as a substrate is now surely dead because it could not get any sunlight itself. Asiatic Bittersweet is a parasitic plant.

I suggest that anybody who has this Asiatic Bittersweet on their property might be wise to get on the right side of the future (if you will), because by far, this plant is the very worst upland invasive exotic to hit North America. I feel sure that the various States will make it unlawful to have this plant on your property. If they do not then they should.

Kill it and herbicide any that remains of it.