Pets - past and present -

Common Loon mother with one of her two chicks (at 50 days of age). Loon chicks are ready to fly from their natal lake at about 90 days of age.

Reggie (Re-jee’)

Here seen in 2009 at age 16. In Fall 1993 Reggie was in her first year when she found my daughter Carie attending college in Waterville, Maine. Carie had Reggie spayed and brought her home to my parents, Maxine and Robert King Sr. in Portland. Reggie lived at their home until her death yesterday (June 8, 2012). She spent her entire, happy life right here in and around this house and was buried in the backyard this morning.

I came to know Reggie well. She was meek, quiet, and very easily correctible. Even if confronted and teased by a person Reggie would immediately disengage and leave. I never saw her scratch a human’s skin. Reggie was a peaceful cat that sometimes found she had to work to avoid conflict. She tended to be a one-person cat and when my Mother was here on Earth, Reggie had little to do with me. Ma gave her all she needed. But things changed when I bought the house. She now depended on me and that allowed me to get close to her. When I was out in the yard working Reggie always came to me, was completely comfortable with any approach I made toward her and always welcomed me bending over and picking her up....without exception. Unlike most cats I have known, Reggie did not balk or turn away when I insisted she come in the house. She actually knew what I wanted, apparently knew it was good for her and came in the house when I insisted.

I have to say that out of all the cats the King family has had, Reggie is my favorite, just because of her traits.

I am surprised that my loss of Reggie has cut me as deeply as the loss of the only dog I have owned myself, Ricky. I came to love Reggie that much. I miss not being able to give her compassion.