Pets - past and present -


Here he is on the lawn in Florida. There was an 8'-long male alligator in a little pond about 100 feet into the background of this image. Nickie spent many hours sitting in the grass, watching that gator floating while it looked back at Nickie. Nickie came up missing and I made the assumption that it was the gator. There was a wildlife officer and his family that lived through the woods, about 200 feet away. He was after me to allow the gator to be removed because he had a small son who was frequently out exploring. When Nickie came up missing I found a gator trapper who promised to release the animal in the Loxahatchee River.

Thirteen days after Nickie was gone, I heard him crying outside in the middle of the night. I was elated to open the door and see him come running it.

The gator was gone now and it was too late to bring it back. I could only hope that that trapper kept his word. I have no idea where Nickie could have been for 13 nights.