Pets - past and present -

Common Loon mother with one of her two chicks (at 50 days of age). Loon chicks are ready to fly from their natal lake at about 90 days of age.

I do not like this cat and it knows it. This cat used to be a very efficient killer of my passerine longer. When I first saw it in action taking one of my American Goldfinches off the bird bath..... I had a defense set up within 2 hours. Cats can no longer reach the naïve birds. It is impossible. This is an unusually sneaky cat.

My cat (Otis) also does not like it around. One look at this cat and Otis is peeing on the flowers.

I take a hose to this cat whenever it is within range. I once "warmed its ass" with a pellet a distance that I knew would not rupture its skin, but it was enough to scare it off permanently.....or I thought so. It returned within a week or so. Here it is waiting for Otis to finish his food, so it can move in and take what is left over. Nope. It gets nothing.

I do not know who the owners are and this is not about the owners. Someone cares about it because is has its tags on its collar. I do not care and I want this cat off my property, but there is little I can do about it.

BTW.......your little bells that you put on your cat's collar are of no defense at all against your cat killing the birds. The bells do not work at all.

Robert King
wildlife biologist