Family elders on my father's side (King). -

Probably Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve; definitely Morgan Court, Portland, Maine, about 1951. I can tell the location by recollecting that old wallpaper. How did Dad and Ma ever get them all over there to that old place?

See the silver radiator in the image's mid-right? That is how they heated back then. It is filled with hot water that circulates down into the furnace in the cellar and back through to all the radiators in each room. That system was heated with COAL. Bruce and I can remember the coal being delivered. The chute went through an open cellar window and was piled in a corner in a bin. Although I did not see it, Dad had to go down there and shovel the coal into the coal furnace. I have one other memory of that cellar. One day I remember seeing a huge rate down there.

It is funny how things change. All that furniture is since gone to the dump many years ago. But I would like to have a few pieces back right now, just for nostalgia. I remember seeing Dad lying on that couch with such severe pain that it was the only time in my life I saw him screaming. He had a severe ear ache. Oh, and one other memory there: Ma had one of those old clothes washers that had a wooden roller on the top. You would take each soaked piece of clothing and roll it through the wooden rollers to wring out the excess water, before hanging the clothes out on the line.

Left to right, front row to back row:

Ricky (our Belgium Shepard that I still so deeply miss), Bruce McClean King (my Brother)....I did not know they had flannel -lined jeans back then, Carol King (my Aunt) with her little watch and necklace, David George King (my Uncle), me (Robert Lee King Jr.) at about 3 years of age (I turned 65 last week), with the strap hanging off there and the dirty face. How did Ma ever keep me clean? I cannot have the t-shirt back but can I hope technology catches up to the point that in the future someone can discern the front of it. Ricky is not as old as he looks here. He could only have been about 4 years old here.

Second row: That is the most wonderful human ever in the world.....Ma (our Mother, Maxine June King, Margery McManus (my Aunt, next to her husband, Warren McManus), Judith Dow (another Aunt).

Back row: That is Dad (Robert Lee King Sr.), the next two are the Matriarch and Patriarch of the then King family, Beda (Grammy) and Grampie (Louis Frederick King or "Bob"). I do not know the reason for his nickname of Bob. Dana Dow, Judy's husband must have taken the picture.

It is now 2013 and in rows 2 and 3, Judy is the only one who has not yet passed on.

I have two sisters, Leigh and Meredith, who had not been born yet.