Family elders on my father's side (King). -

WE TOOK TO THE WOODS.....the "Old Camp" , Kingfield, Maine

Left to right: Grammy (Beda Belle King (maiden name of Passmore), me (Robert King Jr.) as a very little tot, Ma (Maxine June King (maiden name of MaClean), Bruce McClean King (my Brother) and Carol King (Beda's daughter and my Aunt.

Here, at the Old Kingfield "Camp", are the very roots of my love for nature. Apparently I was already curious about what was down there on the "floor".

Before discovering this image (in December 2013), I had not known that I had ever been brought to the Old Camp, as it was called.

You can see that this first camp my Grandfather bought, was actually an old clapboard-sided house in the middle of the woods around Kingfield. A few other pictures in this gallery show the new, log-cabin-camp in Salem, Maine, the next village just west of Kingfield.

The image is not as sharp as it should have been. Grammy is in it and so I am certain that my Grandfather took it. I have noted that most of the images he took were soft or lopsided. I guess photography was not yet his art. His later images would be properly composed.