Family elders on my father's side (King). -
Those Were the Days my Friend; We Thought They'd Never End.

Those Were the Days my Friend; We Thought They'd Never End.

My Grandfather, Louis F. King ("Bob" 1908-1981), probably captured this image of his wife, Beda King (my Grandmother) (1908-1986), probably at an "out building" at the "Old Camp" with the World War 11 surplus Willys Jeep, in Kingfield Township, Maine, about 1946. That's two years before I was born. I have no memories of the "Old Camp" (as they referred to it). In fact, as a child, I only remember seeing that jeep once, parked inside the log cabin camp ("New Camp"), on the Lovejoy Road in Salem, next village west of Kingfield. The jeep's wood bumper panel was used to push blow-downs out of the logging roads. The woods roads back then are not as common now. They were just the width of a jeep with two bare lines from tire wear and rest of the road floor was Summer herbs, or Fall leaves with the accompanying Reindeer moss.

As all woods do, these have a unique smell in each season. In my heart I can smell those Autumn woods up there in Salem right now, wherever I am......and reminiscing of those woods and those times with the family, almost makes me cry. All the buildings are gone for the woods has taken over.

Ironically, Grammy's favorite song was "Those Were the Days my Friend" by Mary Hopkins:

I find it utterly impossible to play this song and look at Gram in this image. Boy did we have fun up in those woods. I deeply miss her and those north woods at camp. Those days are gone....forever I guess.